• 类型: 奇幻片 奇幻 
  • 主演: 姚采颖 戎祥 太保 高捷 杜宇航 
  • 国语
  • 《Z-108弃城》是一部恐怖电影,由钱人豪执导,朱木炎、姚采颖、戎祥等人主演。影片的故事背景设定在台湾地区,故事描述了一个丧尸横行 Z-108弃城最新的剧情是由著名明星姚采颖,戎祥,太保,高捷,杜宇航主演,Z-108弃城免费下载,Z-108弃城全集迅雷下载。Z-108弃城《Z-108弃城》是一部恐怖电影,由钱人豪执导,朱木炎、姚采颖、戎祥等人主演。影片的故事背景设定在台湾地区,故事描述了一个丧尸横行的世界。影片中的主人公是一位科学家,因为发现了新型人体基因而荣获医学大奖。但他并不满足于此,继续进行着非法人体实验。然而,实验出现了意外,导致他失去了执照,妻离子散,沉溺于酒精中。在一次酒驾事故中,他不小心将装有“新型人体基因”的试管打翻,导致水源污染,一些人喝下水后身体开始变异,并开始攻击同类。影片中的女主角Linda在开车途中遭遇车祸,醒来后四处寻找女儿,但却引来了丧尸的追逐。一些黑帮分子在窝点娱乐时,被进入108区救援的SWAT队员误认为是来围剿他们的,发生了枪战。然而,当丧尸袭击时,他们不得不团结一致,共同应对。还有两个来台湾闯荡的外国人,因为在黑道老板的夜店贩卖毒品而被绑架关在地下室。当外面的丧尸入侵时,他们必须拼命逃脱。虎虎在线影视为您提供最新高清完整版 Z-108弃城在线观看






"Z-108 Abandoned City" is a horror movie directed by Qian Renhao, starring Zhu Muyan, Yao Caiying, Rong Xiang and others. The story background of the film is set in Taiwan, and the story describes a world where zombies are rampant.

The protagonist in the film is a scientist who won a medical award for discovering a new type of human gene. But he was not satisfied with this, and continued to conduct illegal human experiments. However, the experiment went awry, causing him to lose his license, leave his wife and children, and become addicted to alcohol. In a drunk driving accident, he accidentally knocked over the test tube containing the "new human gene", causing water pollution. After drinking the water, some people began to mutate their bodies and began to attack their own kind.

The heroine in the film, Linda, was in a car accident while driving. After waking up, she looked for her daughter everywhere, but she was chased by zombies. When some gangsters were entertaining in the den, they were mistaken by the SWAT team members who entered the 108th area to rescue them, and a gun battle broke out. However, when the zombies attack, they have to unite and deal with it together.

There are also two foreigners who came to Taiwan, who were kidnapped and locked up in the basement for selling drugs in the nightclub of the underworld boss. When the zombies outside invade, they must desperately escape.




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